Storage King Pallet Racks are manufactured using high tensile strength steel and can easily store large and bulky items. Durable and precision engineered, our range can store the commodities of different sizes. These components are designed to handle upto 2 tones / level and to a total of 8 tones per rack, thus creating tremendous saving in space and handling. Load beam span is available upto 10 feet for storage of non-standard items. All components are designed with a factor of safety of 2.5 as specified by BIS 800/801 to ensure safety of the system.

  • Durable
  • Precision engineered
  • Smooth edges
  • Efficient storage capacity
Drive In Racks / Drive Thru Racks
Storage King Drive-In Racking is a system of vertical upright frames and horizontal support rails, which allows pallets to be supported vertically and in multiple depths. The support rails allow forklifts to enter the rack and so enables multiple depth storage.
This type of racking is ideal for filling large areas of a warehouse with multi deep,multi wide and multi high blocks of pallets. Drive in is usually specified for first in-last out storage situations. The system provides blocks of static storage where pallets are stored two or more deep. It is widely used in the cold temperature cold chain logistics, drink, milk products and other fields.
Features Users
  • A high density space efficient bulk storage system.
  • Works on a first pallet in, last pallet out system.
  • Pallets stored on cantilevered rails.
  • Cold Storage Industries
  • Pharmacy Industries
  • Warehousing
  • Logistic Companies
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